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XpertTool announces new features for EMX 2010 release

September 1, 2009—XpertTool Software today unveiled some of the features and upgrades scheduled for the 2010 release of Electrical Maintenance eXpress. Electrical Maintenance eXpress, EMX, is the premier software solution for the data capture, analysis and reporting needs of predictive and preventive maintenance professionals.

The new release is scheduled for early 2010 and is expected to include enhancements such as native support for Windows 7™, full Unicode foreign language capabilities, integration with additional thermal imaging camera vendors, enhanced custom reporting, as well as other performance enhancing features.

XpertTool Software is a leader in enterprise infrastructure software. Our family of products is built on innovative technology and is designed to deliver high quality, cost-efficient solutions for specialized markets.

XpertTool Software is now Twittering

June 17, 2009—XpertTool Software has joined the social networking revolution and joined Twitter™. We will be using this forum to communicate news, ideas, promotions, technology, and industry news. If you have a Twitter™ account you can follow us here.

EMX now supports Microsoft Windows Vista ™

March 31, 2008—XpertTool Software is pleased to announce that EMX is now supported on Microsoft Windows Vista. We decided to accelerate Vista compatibility testing in response to customer requests and the announcement by Microsoft™ that retail sales of Windows XP™ will cease in June 2008 (full article). The XpertTool Software team's Vista tests were successful and full Vista support will be available with the upcoming 2008 R1 release.

Come see us at Thermal Solutions 2008

November 30, 2007 — Come see the XpertTool software team at the 2008 Thermal Solutions conference in Sarasota, Florida January 21-24, 2008. The team will be demonstrating the EMX predictive maintenance program. Be the first to see EMX's new and exciting imaging features.

XpertTool Team Releases EMX Nationally

October 20, 2007 — The XpertTool software team unvailed EMX nationally at the 2007 Inframation conference in Las Vegas. EMX booth at Inframation 2007 We would like to thank everyone at FLIR for their hospitality and all the attendees that took time to stop by and say hi. We'll see you next year in Reno! If you would like more information about attending Inframation 2008, please check the website for details

Come see us at Inframation 2007
Infrmation Logo

September 1, 2007 — eXtensia Technologies is a proud sponsor of the InfraMation 2007 conference being held October 15-19 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stop by our booth and see the exciting new features in EMX 2007!

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